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29-JAN-2014: Night Class 03. Shooting difficult subjects


Date, Time Venue:
Date: Wed, 29-JAN-2012
Time: 8.00pm - 12.00am
Venue: FOTOMOMO STUDIO. Map here
Fees: RM150 per person
Seats available: 10 persons only.
Notes: Provided.

Learning Outcome:
  1. Who are difficult subjects?
  2. Working your ways around difficult subjects
  3. How to light for difficult subjects
  4. How to pose difficult subjects
What to bring?
  1. DSLR camera & any lens
  2. Pen to write down additional notes

Hello friends,

This is a continuation of the Night Class series.


  • This workshop is suitable for those who has basic understanding of how studio lights work and how to work around them. 
  • It's perfect for those who have attended Night Class 01 and 02.

Night Class.
Ideal for working professionals, hobbyist, or part-time photographers with a day job. This class is an ideal opportunity to learn hands on basic studio lighting. It's 4-solid hours from 8.00pm till midnight 12.00am. You can come straight from work, and get back home in bed, ready for your next day. It's just a fraction of your time, and a lot to gain.

Hands-on Studio Lighting.
Since it's night time, it only makes sense to learn something in a controlled environment. Let's all spend some solid 4-hours to gain something for our knowledge.

"Hands-on" means that you get to shoot, measure light, set the light and learn actual studio lighting technique. This basic experience would be valuable for you in terms of building your confidence in shooting your own assignments and also opening up some doors to assist other established photographers and learn from them.

Basic Expectations.
Here are some things can expect to learn in 4-hours.

  1. How to identify and anticipate difficult subjects.
  2. How to light difficult subjects.
  3. How to pose difficult subjects.

In short, when you walk out of our studio door, I want to make sure you walk away empowered with these skills, which are your basic survival skills in mastering studio lighting.
  1. You will have to confidence to shoot any human subjects in a studio environment.
Small Class.

  1. To ensure focused attention, I can only take 10 persons for this night class. 
  2. You'll NOT become Joe McNally overnight in 4-hours, but I can assure you that you'll feel less intimidated with studio lights.

Location of the Night Class.
No. 9D, Jln PJS 1/33
46000 Petaling Utama
Selangor, Malaysia

Map to our studio here:
Kindly register via the form below. You will be contacted regarding payment method and registration confirmation.


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